Lost Garden adult coloring book

Join Pippa on a journey in the lost garden. Enter through the castle gate and be swept away into a world filled with magical creatures and wonderful gardens. Be inspired by blossoming flowers and fantastical pumpkins and other vegetables. Encounter curious insects, beautiful birds and visit the lake to catch a glimpse of the fishes. The garden is filled with many other animals too. There are hedgehogs, chickens, lobsters, dragonflies, grasshoppers, frogs, pigeons, and a rooster. Team up with the stork and find the frog, not to be eaten but to be colored. Meet the butterflies and the creatures great and small out of the fairy tales of Pippa Rossi’s castle garden.

In the summer Pippa Rossi lives near her garden and lake. She works in the flower garden, vegetable garden, the orchard and she makes boat trips on the lake which she reaches by walking down the steps from her living room. The garden provides the flowers for the many bouquets that can be found in the the artist’s rooms. Inside the book, complex flowers and many bouquets are waiting to be filled with an abundance of colors. Just as Pippa finds peace and tranquility in this paradise, you too could find stress relief and peace and tranquility in the Lost Garden coloring book.



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