Pippa Rossi exhibits Rodolphe Bresdin

In a Journey through time in illustrations Pippa Rossi explores artworks from the past. As a contemporary coloring book artist I have an interest in the works of other artists.

Rodolphe Bresdin, 1832-1885, was one of the great 19th century grafical artists. Many art historians place his work on the same level as Rembrandt and Piranesi. Baudelaire, Huysmans, Mallarmé and Odilon Redon (who was his pupil), admired his work.

Rodolphe Bresdin, 1832-1885
Rodolphe Bresdin, 1832-1885

Drawing, √Čtude pour une Illustration. Study Sheet with female figure in 19th-century costume and other figures, Rodolphe Bresdin, 1832-1885

Pen, H 212mm x W 115mm


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