Lucien Pissarro, Fancy letter

As an artist making illustrations for coloring books I have an interest in the illustration throughout time. In the blog series a Journey through time in illustrations we explore some art works from the past. Each post describes a different artwork. In this post we exhibit Lucien Pissarro.

Lucien Pissarro, 1863 – 1944, was born in Paris France. In 1890 he came to live in London U.K. The artist makes fine illustrations, drawings, prints and paintings, being an impressionist and a neo-impressionist. He was the son of the Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro, who was also his teacher. He was a member of the New English Art Club and exhibited at the Royal Academy in London.

Fancy letter, Lucien Pissarro, 1907
Fancy letter, Lucien Pissarro, 1907









Fancy letter by print maker Lucien Pissarro, 1907

Paper, h 132 mm × w 140 mm

First page of the first chapter of the book ” Riquet à la Houppe ” ( Riquet with the crest ). The capital I integrated into an illustration. A young girl seen from the back, looks at men who are at work. Under the picture text and floral tendrils.

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